Monday, December 21, 2015

Mighty Metabolism Foods!

We're gonna be eating anyways so why not eat foods that help speed up your metabolism right!?  Here are some of my favorite foods that are your plate's best friends ;)

CHIA SEEDS: These little black seeds absorb up to 10 times their body weight in liquid, meaning they expand in your body keeping you fuller, longer. So you don't need to reach for another snack while you're hanging out with Chia.  Reduce your hunger and sugar cravings as well.

CAYENNE PEPPER: Spice it up baby! Seasonings are an awesome way to add in a ton of flavor without any calories. Not only does cayenne pepper increase your immune system and speed up the duration of colds but the key ingredient, capsaicin boosts your metabolism. So you'll be burning fat faster and kicking up your energy.

CRUCIFEROUS VEGGIES: Think brussels, cauli and broccoli...pretty much the ones that make you fart. Ha! But for reals these guys contain the most fiber of all the vegetables and trade a ton of nutrients and vitamins for very little cals or carbs.

THE LEAFIES: Can't forget about the green leafy veggies either. Mom had it right starting us with a salad before dinner. Your ruffage like spinach, kale, collard greens and chard help move toxins out of your body.  Greens are amazing at burning fat and are crazy high in iron and Vitamin K which is great for your bones.

GREEN TEA: Put down the chemical filled, fake sugar energy drinks that will make you fat and treat yourself to metabolism increasing green tea. Buy a fun mug that makes you want to fill it with this antioxidant rich beverage and know you're doing wonders for your body.

COCONUT OIL: Move aside crappy oils and fill your house with the aroma of the tropics. You'll also be filling your hot body with an oil that's been proven to increase fat burning. Coconut oil is comprised of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) which digest faster, are used for energy immediately and are not stored in the body like other oils.

Have fun adding more healthy foods into your diet. Then when you do feel like splurging you know what to come back to for the help in burning it off.

Love to hear your favorite ways of incorporating these goodies or if you've got another kick ass metobolism booster to share! Tweet me at @JillAnenberg

Friday, December 18, 2015

Do what with Coconut Oil?!

Yep you hear it right, put that oil in your mouth and become buddies for the next 15 minutes. So you can fit in with your hippie friends, the term is Oil Pulling. It's an Ayurvedic practice with a ton of detox benefits. Plus...a side bonus your teeth will get whitened naturally!

Here's how you do this thing-

1) Make sure to use a quality, unrefined Coconut Oil. You don't wanna put any old crap in your mouth now do ya?!

2) Just as you would swish mouthwash, do the same with the oil. Swirl, push and pull it through your teeth aiming for 5-20 minutes. During winter months your oil might have hardened but within 10 seconds of being in your mouth the oil will liquefy.

3) Use about a Tablespoon

4)  Don't swallow this concoction as it now contains toxins that it pulled out of your mouth! Yuck! Spit don't swallow! Spit in your trash or a sealed bag after, not down the drain as it could clog.

Why Should I do this?
  • Coconut Oil is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and has tons of healthy enzymes.
  • The oil kills bacteria in your mouth, teeth and gums. 
  • Strengthens teeth making them less sensitive.
  • Gives you 15 minutes to take a breather from talking. My husband loves when I oil pull ;) 
  • Relieves congestion in sinuses and throat. You'll hawk up a good one after!
  • Naturally whitens your chompers.
  • Because your pulling toxins out of your body, your skin clears up and becomes brighter.
  • Creates a kick ass immune system!

Some believe it's best to swish first thing in the morning before eating or drinking. But if that doesn't work for you, as with all health habits- I just say do it whenever the hell you feel like it, but just do it.

I'd love to hear about your experience, tweet me @JillAnenberg

Monday, December 7, 2015

Full of Fiber!

We've all heard the phrase you're full of crap.  In my Health Coach world, as long as you're full of FIBER you won't ever be full of crap!  Plus you'll be pounds lighter from not holding onto the toxins that build up inside of you.

                                   Benefits of Fiber:
  • Stay fuller, longer. Aka less mindless snacking.
  • Food digests slower so blood sugar doesn't spike
  • Prebiotic fibers feed healthy gut flora
  • Naturally high fiber foods tend to be way healthier
  • Reduces cardiovascular disease risk
  • Lowers LDL "the bad" cholesterol 

Easy Swaps to Increase Fiber Intake

  1. Whole apple instead of apple juice ( 6 grams)
  2. Replace white bread, pasta and rice with a whole grain alternative ( 4-8 grams)
  3. Chili or soup without beans...add those babies in. ( a whopping 8 grams)
  4. Add to plain oatmeal: Chia, Flax or Hemp Seeds ( 1 TBS= 5 grams) 

I'd love to hear your favorite ways to get fiber! Tweet me at @JillAnenberg