Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sucky Sunscreen

The sun is coming out, clothes are coming off and we want to spray on a little sunblock to prevent a burn. Wait! Before you get intimate with your sunscreen, take your products to dinner and ask those tough questions before you allow them to be rubbed all over you!

1. Spray Sunscreen
Not only are they not effective at proper coverage but you also might inhale the destructive, cancer causing properties in the sunblock. Plus the spray is awful on your lungs.  Didn't Mama teach you not to put gross stuff in your mouth!

*On a side note, wouldn't you rather toss the spray and man handle these two hotties with some old school sun lotion. That's the fun part about going to the beach! Get your rub on!
2. Oxybenzone
Usually when we have a tough time pronouncing an ingredient it's the first indication it's bad.  Once absorbed into your skin it then gets into your bloodstream and acts like estrogen in your body. No one wants extra estrogen...especially not guys!  Oh and my men out there...oxybenzone alters your sperm count. Just sayin'.  And you know how your skin was itching and you thought you might have caught something weird...   well it's nothing weird just a side effect of this bitch oxybenzone causing allergic skin reactions.

3. Retinyl Palmitate
It's a form of Vitamin A that when exposed to the sun may cause skin tumors and lesions. Yeah not sexy in a swimsuit.

4. Fragrance
Any personal care items that list a synthetic fragrance are hazardous to your health.  I'm sure you don't stink that bad you'd jeopardize your safety. Fragrance refers to a bunch of chemicals inlcuding Parabens, Phthalates and synthetic musks. These interfere with hormone production, carcinogenics linked to reproductive problems  and liver/kidney damage. Not worth it! In the end fragrance could kill you while a bit of B-O just stings the nostrils. You're fine.

*Ok here's what to look for! :) 
Mineral based sunscreen including Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. This 2some protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. The Environmental Working Group has a great list of SAFE Sunblocks. Click Here.  

Or try one of these...

What's your favorite safe Sunblock and who do you like to put it on? Tweet me @JillAneneberg