Friday, May 1, 2015

Suck it up, Be Happy!

You've heard the phrase, "If everywhere you go someone is an @sshole...YOU are the @sshole."  I definitely can be that asshole sometimes so here's my Top 5 favorite ways to stay happy and nice.

1. Hang with happy, positive people who want the best for youScrew the others. You don't literally have to tell 'em to go f#ck themselves...just sift them out of your life. Your mouth will move into a smile instead of a place shit talking comes out. What you think and believe will change the chemistry of your body.

2. Enjoy the right now. Believe me when I say I miss my college days or can't stop thinking of fun upcoming events in my life. But in doing that, I'm not fully present in what I'm currently doing. Live in the moment and be content with the here and now. Put down the phone, well not until you're finished reading this blog and tweeting it to your friends ;) and live.

3. Be a Kid. I love being immature! Keep moving and stay active. Have meaning in your life. What I find particularly helpful is to not think of yourself as an age. Who gives a shit! Play "make believe"...even if it's just in the bedroom ;) Don’t let the child in you die, it will make life more interesting, humorous and keep you young.

4. Rest. Put your feet up...without someone under or behind you. It's necessary to have some alone time to restore our energy so we don't turn into that above mentioned prick. We get stressed and exhausted way faster than we notice.

5. Ok now get off your ass.  Move your sexy body. A runner's high will last longer that a druggy high and is better for you. Elevate your mood and release endorphins naturally. You'll be nicer to everyone else and most importantly to yourself. Choose healthier foods which in turn will nourish you from the inside.

*And one more...just fake it. Yep like you do in bed sometimes. Lol So the person in line behind you has 4 kids that are totally misbehaved and all you want to do is put them in a timeout with a hungry lion.  Just smile, take a breath and be thankful you're only dealing with that for 5 minutes and leaving the store with just groceries that don't talk. Faking your way into peace is a lot easier than a Mom fight at Trader Joe's!

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  1. I find a few things help: A shot of tequila. Earphones. Mid-morning runs to Krispy Kreme, all by yourself. And avoiding Walmart after work. Or before work. Or during work.

    If the kid in me ever dies, the rest of me will be sure to follow.