Friday, February 27, 2015

Get tea bagged!

Heat your water boiling hot and show that tea bag who's Boss! Get on in there for your health and dunk away! It doesn't matter what gender you are, everyone has the ability to tea bag their favorite mug with their favorite flavor tea! This beverage is an alternative medicine, with a variety of flavors and health properties. Heal any ailment and stop your bitching, all just with Tea!

Go green! Boost your metabolism...that means burn more calories just by swallowing down this ancient blend. Up your energy, protect yourself from radiation damage (yep while reading this blog from your computer or phone drinking the green stuff will reverse any damage) and lastly it's an awesome source of antioxidants! My feelings aren't hurt if you don't like green, try it in its white virgin color, harvested a little earlier so less hands all over your precious tea which makes it a bit milder and sweeter!  

You might think Chamomile Tea is for old ladies but these hags are onto something! The antioxidants fight the good fight against Diabetes helping prevent loss of vision, nerve and kidney damage. Plus, stunting the growth of cancer cells. So go visit your Grandma and cheers a cup of Chamo! 

Are you thinking 20 other thoughts while reading this blog? Try these tea's to reduce anxiety: Passionflower. Peppermint. Valerian Root. Lavender. Ashwaganda. Say that one 5 times.

Ran out of your Valium prescription this week? 
How about a cup of Kava Kava or St. John's Wort.

You might be tempted to buy "Instant Tea" or crazy flavored ones. I highly suggest you don't. We all know good things come to those who wait ;) There's plenty of fun things you can do for a few minutes while waiting for your tea to steep! Plus all the added sugars & fake chemical shit does the opposite of what you want your tea to do. Didn't Mama teach you be careful what you put in your mouth!  

Of course there are other definitions of tea bagging that you absolutely should be educated on...after all, I am Jill thinks like Jack! Basically, it's when a male of any species takes their tea bag looking balls and drapes them across the face of someone else! Why do they do this...because it's hilarious!

I'd love to hear what your favorite tea is and why. Or why not let me know if you have a funny tea bagging story from the ol' college days. Tweet me! @JillAnenberg  XOXO

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