Friday, January 9, 2015

Pool Rules...Let's Break em!

I love a good sign and especially one that leaves room for my perverted imagination to run wild. On vacation recently there were some fun ones by the Hot Tubs.  Like this...
Kids take a clue. The adults over 18 are gonna do things in this hot tub that will make you never want to submerge your body in here again! Lil' brats ruin a good relaxing soak so get lost!

I'd have loved to see the event that led to the requirement of this sign!  Who made up a 14 day time frame? I'd never be allowed in this jacuzzi then. Or you couldn't have Indian or Mexican food for the 2 weeks before planning on hopping into this water.

Maybe pools should reinstate the "Water will turn blue if you pee" warning. Because I've never seen it and I should have...many times!

If someone is trying to breathe underwater, they deserve what's going to happen next to them.

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