Friday, November 21, 2014

Stairway to a Heavenly Ass

Yes! Walk the damn stairs. Especially if you're only going two flights up, take the stairs. Elevators are gross anyways. People stink, they make uncomfortable dumb small talk and the music sucks. Even more motivation to get those buns burnin'!

                              No more mushy tushy.

Walking the stairs not only burns a ton of calories but also works every muscle in your legs, especially the glutes and calves. Doctor's claim it's twice as taxing as brisk walking and 50 percent harder than walking up a steep hill or even lifting weights. What's more exciting...  cardiologists tell their heart patients that they're fit enough to have sex if they can walk up two or three flights comfortably. So get stepping and get love making!

Strengthen your heart and lungs with each step up. This helps deliver more oxygen enriched blood to your sexy muscle fibers.  As I'm sure you've heard, exercise releases endorphins, this makes you feel happier. So when you get to that 2nd floor you'll be smiling and re-energized while those who took the elevator will get out looking annoyed and humming that stupid song that was playing. 

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