Friday, November 14, 2014

Hot for Heavy Metal

Sometimes we get tired of the same old workouts.  Sometimes we get tired of the same old partner...but what you do with them can be applied to your exercise routine too!

The Top 5 Ways to re-vamp your love affair with heavy sweating ;)

5) Try out a different position. Maybe you always do the same old boring Bicep Curls exercise. Can you say missionary position.  Try hitting your bi's with some hammer curls, incline that bench & lay back a while or double grip it with a Barbell Curl. Just change up the monotony.

4) Throw a gadget into the mix.  You always see the various fitness balls, resistance bands and other toys but have been to shy to try them out. Ask the hottest trainer to give you a quick tutorial. Maybe all your workout needed was a little variety.

3) Enlist the help of a swing. If you've been doing plain ol' normal yoga, check out an Aerial Yoga class that hangs your limber body from the sky in a sexy silk hammock.  One sure way to get to your splits faster!

2) Make a new playlist.  If you're still trying to get motivated from tunes that expired 10 years ago it's no wonder you can't get your exercise chubby to the gym.  Download some fresh exciting jams and it will enliven your next workout.

1) Aim for at least one set. If you're not in the mood but you know you realllllly should work out, then just tell yourself to start with a quickie warm up and you'll hit one set of every muscle group. Next thing you know you are warmed up, the new tunes are motivating you and maybe you'll rock out the entire workout. If not, at least you did a little something and that does count!

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