Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Ho for Health

I get a health boner learning about all things that encompass nutrition and well being.  There's nothing I love more than talking about it with others...but of course, in my own "Jill Thinks Like Jack" type of way. 

So many people unfortunately have the wrong ideas about food because of mis-advertisement by the food industries and a lot of what is eaten is genetically engineered products. It's no wonder everyone is constipated, how do you expect to shit out fake ingredients when there's no natural fibers leading the way out?! 

I'm excited to announce I'm officially enrolled in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and in 6 months will be a Certified Health Coach. I'm thrilled to turn this life long passion into a professional endeavor. I'm your go to Fitness & Health girl!

You know I love entertaining and making you laugh, hey think about how hard you flex those ab muscles when you're cracking up at my obscene jokes ;)  But I also want to make you feel good when I'm not around to make inappropriate comments, through your personal nutrition & awesome lifestyle.  

I'll be sharing what I'm learning with a few F-Bombs dropped into the descriptions for good measure. We are all gonna get a lot healthier from this pursuit.  Tweet me anytime @JillAnenberg

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