Thursday, September 11, 2014

Double Standards Suck

No doubt there are ridiculous behaviors the other sex can do and totally get away with.  Us girls can slap a random guys ass and he's turned on by it, but reverse the tables and that dude's getting slapped right back in the face!

The phrase, "Walk of Shame" doesn't exist for men. They're just walking home in a sexy half unbuttoned shirt with a look of conquer on their face.  Gettin' high fives & head nods from other men on the way home. But if you see a messy haired lady limping home in her too high for daylight heels it's, "Who's that dirty slut?"

I'm jealous it's acceptable for guys to fart. I rip ass and I'm lectured for not being ladylike, my buddy cuts one- we rate it & laugh! And don't act shocked a woman's farts smell's coming from the same place as yours buddy.

On the other hand...chicks can get as frisky and sexual as we want with our girlfriends and it's super hot to the guys. Jokingly slapping each other's asses, maybe squeezin' a titty when the "girls" look good in a top! And no matter what age we are, still sleeping in the same bed on a girls' night. If guys do any of these things- nope not sexy and we assume you're playing for the other team.

As a woman I gotta say I agree with my male friends on this last thing.  Ladies gotta own up to their behavior and stop blaming being a "bitch" on their hormones or "that time of the month." Our poor men can't blame being an asshole on anything else so we shouldn't use our hormonal excuses either.  If you're feeling a rage coming on deal with it between the sheets, it will be a lot more fun for all involved.

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