Friday, August 22, 2014

Makin' the Drought SEXY

Usually when things are dried up they are not sexy.  But with California's current drought, of course I've got a few ideas how we can remedy the situation while making it appealing and fun.

Hop in the shower with your lover. No need to waste the water twice if you can get dirty and clean together. And yep have sex in there too! No need to make a mess on the sheets and waste a load of water- washing them sooner than necessary. 

There's so many little things we can do to save water, we might not even notice it's on and running.  Turn it off while brushing your teeth and do some squats  instead... tighten that ass while you're whitening your teeth.

Same for the dishes.  Fill up the sink with hot sudsy water so your dirty plates can have a "get clean" orgi. After they've bonded do a quick rinse and don't cover them with a towel but let them air dry au natural.

Ok this one might not be sexy...but my rule "If it's yellow it's mellow." No need to flush the toilet for every piss.  It takes almost 7 gallons of water.  Plus if you don't flush in the middle of the night you're not waking up your honey and that's sexy letting them sleep.  Especially if they're in the middle of a hot dream...but not so hot that you have to change the sheets!

This brings me to the topic of full loads. Nothing hot about a weak small load...ok I'm talking about cleaning. Make sure to pack that baby full of dirty laundry or the dishwasher to capacity to utilize the water used.

Have any sexy drought tips to share? I'd love to hear them.
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