Friday, July 4, 2014

Make a Ho a Housewife!

Bravo turned these ho's into housewives and I had a blast hosting a Re-cap Show of all the dramatic highlights on AfterBuzz TV Network!  What would we do without the guilty pleasure of The Real Housewife's of Beverly Hills.  Bravo did a great job casting these extremely outspoken girls with very different personalities. It gave us a lot to talk about.

With constant fighting, spells being cast and insulting profanities being thrown around, I was armed with fun ammunition and opinionated banter.  These girls love talking shit to each other and giving back handed apologies. "I'm sorry you're too sensitive & mentally slow to realize I was making a generic joke about all blondes. I didn't think you were stupid, until now."

New controversial cast mate this season, Carlton Gebbia, was a guest on our show. And I will say, that was a fun hour bull shitting with her blunt sense of humor. Wow... I thought I said fuck a lot.

Enjoy the highlights from my irreverent, no holding back Recap of the show. A little over a minute and I'm sure you'll be entertained and possibly share the same viewpoints. Tweet me your favorite housewife or what you love about the show at @JillAnenberg

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