Friday, June 27, 2014

Get OFF my Ass!

It seems wherever you go and no matter what you are doing, people don't know personal space.  If you're in line and can smell what the person ahead of you had for lunch, you're too close!  If you get a whiff of their shampoo, cologne or even BO (yuck) scoot the hell back.  Who wants to be that close anyway?

Ok I know who, the perverts wanting to rub their stump of a dick on me in a close line or Grandma bouncing her hacky sack tits against the ass of the youngin' in front of her.
The most obvious "get off my ass" situation is tailgaters. Aside from being irritating it's incredibly dangerous and is the number one cause of crashes.  The only time it's acceptable to ride someone's bumper is in the bedroom.  Otherwise, you're just asking for a road raged rant or flip off!

When at a Pharmacy picking up prescriptions, unless you're accompanying a loved one, it's no one's business who's picking up their birth control, anti-depressants or ritalin. You fuck with one of these people and you're bound to get a hormonal,
hyper-active lash out real quick.

The worst is lacking in common sense and living with your head in your own ass!  Then again, if I don't have to look at your face with that confused dazed expression that you don't get life, maybe suffocate yourself up there.  Might be harsh but you know you agree with me ;)

Love to hear what up close and personal situations piss you off too!
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