Monday, May 5, 2014

RHOA, Coachella & Khloe Crazies!!

What's your favorite trashy reality show? Tweet me!! @jillanenberg Ah there are so many & they give us lots to laugh about! I didn't watch the Season but after hearing about the anticipated weave pulling, life threatening drama...I just had to check out the Reunion of The Housewives of Atlanta!! They were puttin' hands on Porsha like they was trying to exercise the Demon out of her. Yeah good luck with that! You know who else should be fired from the show...Andy Cohen! What a shitty mediator. "No, don't fight" said in a meek lame voice! That septor shoulda been shoved up his ass, maybe then he'd be a bit more vocal! I think the attack was just an excuse for a little nip slip!

Oh Coachella and the wild fashions. The Jenner sisters were out to make a statement, that's for sure! Tummy tops & short skirts- love it! But her fanny pack looked like a jewel encrusted dick in a box!And unfortunately for her no one wants her family jewels they want sister Kendalls!

Lastly gotta touch on Khloe Kardshian who most people don't wanna touch with their neighbors dick. Apparently French Montana is filling that big gap Lamar left in her...heart. I think he's sweet. He gave her a necklace with his name on it...well because the other one he gave her kept washing off!  #PearlNecklace

Have a laugh at the latest #SayWhat?! Episode covering all these topics!

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