Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Are you a dirty bird?

Who's ready to get down and dirty? Do you like to play in the mud?!  Over thirty thousand mud hustlers came out to Camp Pendleton's World Famous Mud Run last summer for three consecutive weekends of filth.  For the first time, the event was streamed live celebrating their 20th Anniversary and I was in the middle of all the action!

I had the honor of being their correspondent & hosting all the race announcements, cool info about the event and all that Camp Pendleton has to offer. The funnest part of my job...interviews with the best mud run participants ever!!  So many incredibly creative costumes, bad ass Mom's racing together and silly groups of friends that live for the dirt.

Camp Pendleton's Mud Run created what became an obsession.  They are the OG mud run inventors and will always be the best race out there because we get to run 6.2 miles with the hot Marines, step foot on their awesome base and as expected get a stern motivational yell from the Marine volunteers!  Ooo-rah! Yeah spank my ass Mr. man in uniform! 

Watch the filthy fun here! You won't believe what people had to say and how many dirty guys like to get a clean girl muddy! Press Play & get dirty with me!

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