Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring "Shitty Friend" Clean

With the sun starting to shine and welcome in the Spring we are all motivated to clean out the shit in our houses that have been collecting dust since the Winter months.  I highly suggest extending this cleaning to your friends that clutter your life as well!  Tell them to shove their bad attitudes where the sun don't shine! 

I'm sure you immediately thought of a few people.  That chick who blames her bitchy mood on PMS...which somehow seems to be all month long.  Or the dude who's a douche whether drunk or sober.  How about friends who don't know how to shut the fuck up. Yeah they don't listen, just want to complain and not find a solution. Well I've got a solution for you, stop answering their annoying calls and replace that earful of garbage with some fun music or even silence.
Sometimes we think because we've been "friends" with someone for a while that there's a little wiggle room allowing crappy behavior or justifying it as, "Oh that's just Kelly, she comes off bratty but is cool when  you get to know her." I don't want to know her!

Often it seems the best kind of friends truly are the furry kind. Always happy to see you no matter how much time has passed, never hold out on kisses and are positive company always! If you don't own a dog, there are plenty in the shelters that can use volunteers to walk or just spend time loving them.  So ditch the bullying buddies and pain in the ass partners and make more time for the sunshine sisters and badass brotha's in your life!

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