Saturday, March 22, 2014

Reality Wrap Up

How do you keep up with all the bullshit happening in Pop Culture? Well the funnest way is through my web show, "#SayWhat?!" We're throwing these so-called "celebrities" off their pedestals and making them the butt of our jokes.  From some source or another you can't escape ridiculous wanna be news stories about our favorite train wrecks so why not receive it in the form of a roast style joke.

Up to bat and striking out today, we've got Lady Gaga with her disgusting yet not surprising barf filled performance at South By Southwest. The most hated Bachelor Juan Pablo and the doomed fate of his relationship and lastly re-capping The Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion.

So Lady Gaga hired a "Vomit Artist" to puke up a green beverage on her during the show.  I'm actually surprised this was the first time someone in attendance at her concert was inspired to barf... I'd think anyone in the front row with a clear view of her jacked face would be in the same position!

Oh the Bachelor, what a douche! But he made for great TV.  At least he had a good body because he did not have the personality!

Housewives of Beverly Hills is the only franchise I got hooked on. They have more money than God but just can't seem to know where to buy manners. Their reunion episode was lame but still gave us plenty to talk shit about!
Have a laugh at this week's Episode of #SayWhat?!  We for sure push the limit in this one! I fake puke, get dissed by the Bachelor myself and more!

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