Friday, February 7, 2014

Vday BS & SexTalk

With Valentine's Day... you can feel the sexual energy in the air.  Sensing the desperation for a date from the single girls and the douchy aggressiveness from the guys who are trying to shoot their arrow through Cupid's heart. Personally I think this is a bullshit holiday.  We all feel obligated to be romantic, overspend on flowers and dress in lingerie.  I bet this is the one day of the year that bikini waxers really rake in the cash!

"Here's a box of let me get to your creamy center."

Valentine's Day is inherently one of those holidays where sex is implied with the date invite.  He may be taking you out to dinner but you're serving up the dessert sistah!  I love seeing a group of girls out on Valentine's day rocking their single status...or possibly dining each other before crossing a lesbo experience off their "fuck it" list.

I went to the Beverly Hills Senior Center to ask our elders what they think of sex and you won't believe their answers!  Click on the video below!

                            HAPPY VALENTINE'S. Sending hugs and kisses. XOXO

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