Friday, February 21, 2014

The Damn Phone!

It felt like the time had come to list a few ground rules for Phone Etiquette.  Obviously I'm not the most proper fucking person, but I get life and how people should be treated. nice people should be treated. If you're an asshole that's a whole other set of rules, starting with go fuck yourself.

 -Skimming Your Twitter feed for friends you don't even know when your real friend is sitting with you at lunch is rude.

 -If a friend calls you and the phone cuts out, let the person who initiated the phone call, call back. So you're both not trying to call each other & cancel out the call like assholes.

-Call once. Leave a  message. Don't call back again immediately or even that day. You already left a damn message. When the person is available they'll call your ass back. Or not if they hate you. If that's the case, again don't call back or text asking if we got the message.  Obviously by the silence you're not getting the message.

-Your phone doesn't have to be an extension of your hand.  You're not that busy or cool that you're constantly fielding texts and calls, put it away.

-If there's more than one quick question to be asked make a phone call like an adult and have a brief conversation instead of sending 25 texts messages.

-This last one seems obvious, but it's not to inconsiderate douchbags. When you're in public lower your voice. No one wants to hear your failed hook up story!

Love to hear your phone pet peeves too! Tweet them to me @jillanenberg

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