Friday, February 28, 2014

Jackass Jaywalkers!

I am totally down for breaking rules and getting away with breaking the law but if you're jay walking...don't jaywalk like a jackass.  I would think most people would agree it's super annoying when someone is walking ridiculously slow across the street when you as the driver have a green light.  Sometimes I give a little honk to remind them I'm that dick behind the 5,000 pound vehicle that would win in a collision with their body.

Occasionally I'll speed up just to make them pick up the pace and run that last 8 feet to the curb.  These lazy walkers gotta know you mean business and the road doesn't belong to them.  Believe me, when you accelerate they will too.

There's gotta be some law against walking and texting combined with jaywalking.  This asshole is paying more attention to a text message that's most likely a chick canceling his date invite. Meanwhile the only thing getting rear ended is him!

There's only one exception to the jaywalking "rules" and that's cute little animal families crossing at their leisure. Animals will always have carte blanche for everything in life in my book. Let's be honest, they're just better than humans most times.

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