Monday, January 27, 2014

WTF News!

Here's a name that will make you shiver...Nadya Suleman AKA Octomom! Back in the news this week with fraud.  She didn't report the earnings on her disgusting masturbation porn and now she's caught pink handed!  She had previously said she'd never do porn...or was it that no porn star would ever agree to lose his dick in her huge gaping hole!?

If you are curious or want to gross out a friend, a trailer's been released by Wicked Pictures titled, "Octomom- Home Alone"...and believe me after watching it, that's the face you'll be making!
So what's up next for the Mom of 14? Just a classy stripper gig ! She said the experience was, "the best, most powerful and most liberating thing I've ever done." I can relate. That's how I feel about my college degree.
Now as if that wasn't bad enough we learned a nun in Italy got knocked up and didn't even know she was pregnant.  Likely story slut!  A whole pizza might give you gas pains- for the night...but taking down an entire Italian sausage...yeah that will give you a baby!

Ironically the way she got herself into this problem is the way she'll get out. Back on your knees sister but this time, repent!

I'd like to see if the new Nun Mother will turn her titty milk into wine.

Stay tuned for the Nun's premiere on TLC's "I didn't know I was pregnant."
Check out this week's "#SayWhat?" Episode for more inappropriate jokes in action!

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