Friday, January 3, 2014

Don't be the Whale on Vacation!

Believe me, when I'm on vacation I definitely want to enjoy everything...especially the local cuisine. My Grandfather used to say, "If you go on a trip and don't gain weight, you didn't have a good time."  I love that.  But I also think vacation's have so many built in calorie torching activities that you can trick yourself into thinking you're just having fun, but burning off all the shit you've been eating.

I've been in Cancun Mexico eating like a fatty but exercising in tourist ways.  We are staying by the water where there are a ton of water sports and activities.  We've been snorkeling, paddle boarding, jet skiing and even kayaking! All of these sports use a ton of upper body strength, some cardio and core.

Hotels love to offer opportunities to do workouts in unique places.  Salsa dancing on the pool deck and yoga on the beach or even on the paddle board.  You'll forget you are working out while shaking your ass to the latin beats. And who doesn't enjoy the benefits of a limber body after yoga. 

Sometimes the weather might not permit outdoor activities. 

Well you know where my mind goes...who needs to wait until turn down to hop into bed.  There's nothing better than hotel sex.  It doesn't matter how you get your heart rate up, just get it up there.  Bon Voyage vacation calories!

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