Thursday, January 30, 2014

Brady the Baby!

So Tom Brady admitted he's not gonna be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday because he says those games are hard to watch. I get it...but man you're going home to a're literally going to mount your trophy!

Word on the street... Tom Brady will be watching his lady's ass instead of the Superbowl this year.  Well Tom, that makes two of us.  What's your Instagram name again? 
He might not be calling plays in the Super Bowl, but guaranteed he's scoring on that tight end!  But sadly, she'll be using his tears as lube.  

Watching the Super Bowl after your team came up one game short- is like the runner up in “The Bachelor” watching the beautiful proposal...and instead of a victory dance you gotta watch him pound her while she holds the final rose.

Hey Tom...I don't blame you...I actually don't watch the game's all about 
The Puppy Bowl #TooCute!

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