Friday, December 13, 2013

BH Housewife Ho's!

Let me start off by saying I don't watch any other Housewives show except for Beverly Hills.  There's just something about these women and their families having an exorbitant amount of money and still acting like catty back stabbing bitches that brings me back for more.  Bravo did a great job casting these extremely outspoken girls with very different personalities.

In this weeks Episode 6, the ladies headed to Palm Springs for a "relaxing" weekend.  That was absolutely not gonna happen being that they brought their favorite accessory...Brandi! I love her and the unfiltered things that come out of her mouth, but of course the super critical Richards' sisters and new comer Joyce, who Brandi just can't seem to call the right name because she says it sounds like a big fat pig, can't handle her humor.  Since Kyle's burned bridges with all the others, of course she's kissing Joyce's tight tanned ass.

I'm convinced even the camera men fight over which women they are going to film because clearly some are so much more fun...aka undressed, funny, sassy than others. Actually, watching Kim do her camera confessionals is uncomfortable and awkward.

After arriving in hot ass Palm Springs they're being lame about getting in the pool. That's the only activity there- why come to a place in the triple digits if you're not gonna strip down? Stop complaining about the heat and rock your suit and let your hair down.

Carlton is my new favorite this season. She's just a bad ass. She revealed to the other girls a tattoo that reads "F...You" on her well toned bicep. As well, that she is a practicing Wiccan. I know she explained that it's all about caring for what's on the earth, but I'd love to see her cast a spell on a few of these assholes.

The friendship kiss she shared with Brandi was awesome! Um...they are sharing a room as well, wonder what else will lock in their friendship.

The dinner was a disaster. Joyce was hosting the weekend and no one gave her any respect, understandably. Like Brandi kept saying she's just super annoying. She's such a pageant girl who hides behind her smile and doesn't show real emotion...I can't wait for her to lose her shit on them!

The dinner comes to an end with Brandi telling Joyce, "Oh go f@ck yourself," that's just her way of saying shut up. Then telling Kyle, "You seem sweet and then you become this crazy asshole." Yep I get it and think Bravo does too because that's how they ended the show.

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