Friday, November 1, 2013

Top 5 2013 Halloween Costumes!!

There were a lot of really great costumes inspired from trends and celebrities this year. You know I had to break them down "Jill thinks like Jack" style! Check out the video at the bottom from my "SayWhat?" Web Show... we go balls to the wall on this one, I'm even in a big tittied costume PLUS there's a kick ass surprise at the end! 

Number 5- Grumpy Cat

  •  Perfect for women who’ve been recently dumped and hate all men...No guy will hit on this unhappy bitch. 
  • If you’re a pessimist or negative Nancy- this face gives you permission to complain about everything all night.  

Number 4- 50 Shades Of Grey

  • Chicks who’ve read the book get horny just looking at you. This guy better get laid or he’s got no game!! 50 Shades of Blue Balls! 
  • Pick up line for this guy, “My costume’s wasted enough paper, I don’t want to waste rubber too…how about I hand cuff and raw dog you bitch!”

Number 3- Duck Dynasty 

  • Finally an opportunity for girls to ask guys, does the drape match the rug. And if it does, no date until he manscapes. Give me a hardwood floor ;)

  • I wouldn’t want to be hungover in this costume…that beard. You barf just one time…and you're decorated in your night's festivities.

Number 2-Sexy Breaking Bad 

  • I think wearing this costume discreetly indicates you’re the guy who’s selling at the party.

  • While you're at it...why not smoke up some "sexy" meth, get arrested by a "sexy" cop, and end up in "sexy" jail where you will seriously be someone's bitch for the next 10 years.

Number 1-Miley & Robin Thicke

  • This costume sold out immediately in West Hollywood...hey it's a guaranteed finger in your ass.   
  • “Don’t give a shit attitude and flat ass” sold separately.

Top 5 2013 Halloween Costume's by "SayWhat?"

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