Friday, November 8, 2013

My First Shower Scene!

Booking an Oil of Olay Commercial was very exciting! Aside from the fact that both my first audition and call back I wore a bikini, the thought never crossed my mind how little I'd actually be wearing during filming.  I've always had the entertainment motto, "I'll do almost any job, with my clothes on."  Well, I did have clothes on...just barely enough to cover the goods.  Guess next time I need to be more specific.

Yep this is my "wardrobe"! WTF right.  Of course, no one asked me to return my wet "clothing" at the end of the shoot.  Maybe one day I'll sell it at a charity auction ;)
It's a good thing I work out, had no butt pimples and am not shy stripping down in front of a 10 person crew on the immediate set.  Not to mention how many more Producers were watching from the Monitors in the other room giving me direction on how to properly suds my arms or legs.

      Grab a loofah, here we go...
              Click here for Commercial 
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