Friday, November 22, 2013

Kmart's Jingle Balls!

Kmart released a funny yet controversial Joe Boxer commercial with models jingling their junk to a Christmas tune.  I thought it was hilarious...but if you look on their Facebook Page there's a few people with their Joe Boxers up their ass!

Finally men’s bodies are used to make a joke and these uptight prudes are bitching about it. “My kids are going to see this.” They’re also watching Kim and Kanye’s porno “music video” on Youtube and listening at your door to daddy pound that ass while you tell him your holiday wish list. Lighten up. 

Guess this means every time there's a Blue Light Special at Kmart the male employees have to give 2 for 1 lap dances.

Watch the commercial here and find out why- 
"Every time their bell's ring...a middle aged woman has a hot flash!"

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