Friday, October 25, 2013

50 Shades of #Horny

I was late to the game reading 50 Shades of Grey but that didn't change my reaction to it. This book should come with a serious warning- "Must be in a relationship, have a fuck buddy or loose morals to bone the next person you see after reading."

This was the first book by the author EL James. How long was she holding in all these thoughts?! I'd love to read her diary or be a fly on the wall in her bedroom. A mother of two...imagine when her kids read these books, will it be weird the content your mom thought of & wrote is turning you on?

I hadn't heard of Jamie Dornan before but we all recognize him from the sexy Calvin Klein Ads. He will definitely do in the role of Christian Grey.

Expected release date Aug 2014. I like that...during a hot steamy month. I predict a boom in baby births come June 2015 ;)

Friday, October 11, 2013

ByeBye Kris & Bruce Jenner!

So Kris and Bruce Jenner are splitting up. How's anyone surprised? Many people couldn't believe it came after 22 years. Really? I can't believe it lasted that long. Can you imagine being married to that fame obsessed, controlling, emasculating, family whorring, embarrasing bitch. She did manage to make millions for her fat, hairy daughters so I'll give her credit there.

Kris is making the best of the situation of course and is currently in talks with E! developing her new pilot "Kris the Cougar".

Kris has always wanted to be one of the sister's and not a way she'd let Khloe get all the attention with her split.

Bruce kept a straight face all these years and never showed unhappiness...he actually hasn't shown any facial expressions since his botched face lift.

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