Friday, September 13, 2013

"TEXAS" The Movie!

Get your cowboy boots and hat ready because this up and coming short film is bringin' it large Texas style!

I had the special honor of an early screening and I was truly blown away.  This film, "Texas" was written and directed by the multi-talented Matt Johnson.  Set in the desert at the state lines of Oklahoma and Texas, cinematographer Robert Uncles grasps the setting magically.  I could feel the desert sun beating down, the particles of dust flying around in the wind and the emotion running through the lead actors veins.  The movie encapsulates a unique love story between two riveting characters.  The big question, "Will Chuck Houston's charming yet stubborn character cross state lines to be with his estranged wife whom he still desperately loves?"  Of course I personally love the sass, strength and perfectly used Southern ladylike
"curse words" said by Zachary Barton in defense of her own honor to not cross back into Texas.

There's a touching throwback to an old video of the couples courtship which authentically feels as if it was resurrected from the basement, it's captured and shot just brilliantly! Not to forget, a pretty cute pup makes a scene stealing cameo.  "Texas" ends with a surprising twist and pulls on the heart strings.  Matt Johnson has managed to create a masterpiece that reaches all demographics. An older couple could relate and laugh about being stuck in their "doggone ways" and reminiscing about their own love story.  The younger crowd, such as myself, will really enjoy the stunning cinematography, quick tongued dialogue and climactic ending.

A beautiful performance by lead male, Chuck Houston and lead female, Zachary Barton.

"Texas" currently has two upcoming film festival screenings!
The Vancouver International Film Festival and Louisville's International Festival of Film.

Information on the premiere's and other fun details can be found on their Facebook Page: Remember to "like" them and share with your friends :)

If you have a twitter account, follow them on twitter right now so you don't miss out on awesome updates.  
I have a good feeling you'll soon be reading about "Texas" receiving Festival Awards.

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