Friday, September 20, 2013

Eerie Eminem

We all saw Eminem's awkward ESPN appearance and couldn't understand why he was acting the weird way he was.  I think I've got it all figured out!

You can't blame him for his reaction, he was stunned because about 5 seconds before they went live, someone showed him that scene in "8 Mile" when he bones Brittany Murphy.  Damn that shit's hot!  Transitioning from dirty factory sex to a live interview with one decaying broadcaster... yeah homeboy was recovering.
That was the longest length of time I’ve ever heard Eminem talk without cussing!  I was impressed and at the same time, disappointed.  I mean not even one f-bomb Marshall Mathers!?  Here's a few words that flew off my tounge that I'm sure Em was thinking... 
                                                             Click here! Rant from "SayWhat?" Series!! 
Eminem kept saying, “Live TV makes me nervous.”  He just needed to elaborate-  “Oh that’s the strain of weed I’m smoking…it’s called Live TV!”  We still love you Eminem!

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