Friday, August 2, 2013

Panty Party

As a woman, the first article of clothing we put on is the most stop with the ugly undies.  Many think, "Oh if I'm wearing tattered chonies, then I won't let my date take my pants off." Wrong ho.  You will and he'll think you don't know Victorias' Secret.  I know what else you're thinking, "But they're so comfortable and worn in." Exactly, they're worn in from overuse in the wrong way and those holes don't say sexy they say yuck! 

Men's underwear can be a deal breaker too. If one decides to rock boxers, all I imagine is your nuts free flowing and boxing each other all day. Tighty whities that look like an over sized diaper are no good either.  Usually running a size too large, inevitably have skid marks and leave way to much room for an assumed undersized package.

Lastly I have to address camel toe.  You can feel it and it's less offensive to just pick it than leave it.  Otherwise you'll end up in a meme!
Just say no to granny panties, period undies and boxers with cartoons.

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