Friday, July 12, 2013

Stuff it Chatty Cathy!

Worse than nails on a chalk board, the incessant whine and chatter of a person who doesn't get social cues to shut the fuck up.  I'm all for good conversation but I have no patience when someone's been running their mouth consistently without realizing they haven't come up for air.  All I want to do is block their airwaves so there's no air to come up for!

This bitch not only won't shut the hell up but also has no clue what's she's blabbering about.  For some reason they also enjoy beating the nonsense points as much as you'd like to beat them.

Don't ever expect to have a relaxing, quiet time together bc they won't close that trap, ever!  Not even while eating or drinking, shit keeps flowing out of their mouth even more annoyingly showing what they're eating.  Oh please choke on it and stop talking forever.

The only advice I have is to learn to block them out of your mind and ears. We all know not acknowledging does nothing, those lips keep on flapping.

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