Friday, July 26, 2013

Dumb Ass Words

There are many words that are over used or shouldn't be said ever again.  Delicious should be reserved for food not how your infant is.  Don't refer to your child as "Oh he's just delicious" unless you're planning on eating him, gross I know!

I literally want to punch the fools who overuse literally! This word is used to express a realistic degree of accuracy not describe how literally verbally depleted you are.

Ridonkulous...really people say this! What does this word even mean?  I wanna shove this word up their ass and give them something to find ridiculous.

"Omg this is totes amazeballs."
Again, a hanging by your balls would totes be a suitable punishment for abusing this ridonkulous word.  Most of the time we reference something as amazing, it's barely cool not nearly amazeballs.

We over use the word 'obsessed" and "to die for".  Are you truly "obsessed" with YOUR stupid ass drink from Starbucks.  You would end your life for one more cup of coffee with a pump of hazelnut.  Did your obsession lead you to tattoo this cup of Jo on your forehead, change your last name to Jo and camp out in front of Starbucks til they open at 5:30am?

When did we become so short on time that every dumb ass word now needs to be shortened. Obvi, fab, jelly (for jealous- this is the worst), adorbs...this list could go on but I've gotta go bc of my busy sched ;)

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