Friday, June 21, 2013

To Die For!

I don’t understand why people are against euthanasia, especially for old folks.  They say, “Killing yourself devalues human life.”  But sitting in a diaper of your own shit doesn’t?!  You are being pushed around by an illegal thai chick- who couldn’t even give your lifeless junk a happy ending.  Yeah, that doesn’t devalue your life at all.  Even with all the controversy, Dr. Kevorkian was like the Santa of death. 

If Grandpa lived a good long life, but is suffering and wants to die...let the bag of bones go.  I'd think at that age they have the wisdom to make the decision of what's best for them.  Wouldn't it be great if there was a non-profit,  "Make a final wish foundation... We'll grant your wish, then we'll                                                                kill you."

These old people are taking a bunch of pills, and none which make them high or hard.  Some are even living in a home- it’s like an old persons summer camp for dying people.  At the end of the summer you’re not going home, you’re going to heaven.

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