Friday, June 14, 2013

Cry Baby...Baby dick!

There is a fine line between a sensitive man showing emotions with a few tears to prove he is manly enough to cry and a straight up cry baby pussy.  You definitely don't want a man to cry more than the woman he is with!

                                       This is just not sexy!

Many dating and reality shows on TV illustrate this point the best.  This week's Bachelorette episode featured just this type of man.  Yes his story was sad, but when you've used up all the Producer's kleenex and you're at the point you feel obligated to apologize for your tears, you've crossed the line.  Yes that cry baby was sent home, but I'm sure Mama's got your hanky ready.

There are few guys that look sexy crying, more specifically just one tear streaming down their face.  Just barely enough to warrant one single manly swipe of that tear.  If a girl has to pull a tissue and your chin is quivering, most likely you're done.

Ok- he can get away with it. One tear. That's it.

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