Friday, May 24, 2013

Yoga Retreat Ridiculousness!!

Calm, quiet and centered didn't last long on a yoga retreat of just women last weekend.  There were dirty jokes about yoga positions that could be interpreted in a sexual way and even sound effects to go with it.

Sure most people assume it's a mellow weekend drinking tea, comparing vegetarian recipes and braiding hair.  Nope not this retreat with Shanti Shanti Yoga! These were some of the funnest girls I've had the pleasure to meet and instructors Samantha Gallo and Alexis Kemp maintained the perfect balance of a respectful yoga practice with plenty of raunchy innuendos to accompany a boring down dog.

The first fart came on Friday made my night! I was the first to laugh and follow in her gas releasing foot steps.  I love the assumption most guys have of nice young ladies chatting about appropriate subjects because we absolutely shattered that with yours truly being the ring leader.  It seemed there was no topic off topic and it made the idea of a judgement free weekend exceptionally nice when thoughts didn't have to be filtered.  Treat yourself to a yoga class and laugh your way to a limber weekend. Your partner will thank you :) 
 Tweet me your favorite yoga position! @jillanenberg  
Mine is bird of paradise and any arm balancing pose!

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