Friday, May 17, 2013

Red Carpet FUN!

When people think about red carpet interviews- style, class and appropriate questions come to mind. Not to my "Jill thinks like Jack" silly mind.  I want to know the good stuff others are embarrassed to ask, you tempt me with a free punch and I'll show you my cross.  Just because I shaved my legs and put on some heels doesn't mean the desire to speak my mind is removed.  If anything, it is enhanced because it's not expected and I'm all about shock factor.

Who are your favorite celebrities to get interviewed on the carpet?  Not because of what they wear but because of what they say! I remember the celebs and people that made me laugh, not so much the dresses that forced them to starve for the day and provide cranky personalities.  Tweet me @jillanenberg and let me know!

Enjoy these fun clips from my Red Carpet moments.

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