Friday, May 10, 2013

Hooters for Mom!

After all those years of Mom lending you her hooters, what better way to thank her than by taking her to eat at a restaurant with waitresses flaunting their much younger, perkier tits in her face!  Hooters Restaurant believes the best way to show Mom appreciation on Mother's Day is treating her to dinner  here...oh wait you don't even have to buy it.  Show Mom she raised you right and what a cheap perv you grew up to be.

If Mom wants a grandchild as a gift her son can bang a waitress in the bathroom and be back to the table for the free wings.  Uh and no, that's not ranch dressing on her chest.

It's always nice to treat Mom to a meal where Dad would rather be porking the waitress and the daughter finds a new role model.

Conan made sense of this offer, "Think about it, giving your Mom a free meal at Hooters is only fair, because think of all those free meals from hooters she gave you."
Ha, love you Conan!

HaPpY MoThErs DaY!

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