Friday, May 3, 2013

DWTS- Sexy Time!

Is it just me or are the dancers on DWTS hotter than ever!? They really should pose for playboy! Their bodies are lean, muscular and perfectly spray tanned.  The women look strong & sexy instead of bone thin like they'll break in a dip. The men are ripped and even though their bodies move gracefully and they have less hair on their chest than a Kardashian, somehow they've managed to make those moves still come across manly! Panty droppers!

Of course they can get celebrities, and I say that loosely, to dance their've got a 10 out of 10 dance pro gyrating on you!  I truly wonder who's tappin' their partners ass off the dance floor.  After spending that many hours pressed up against each other sweating and dancing, you could almost be convinced that you've already done, 
"just the tip!"

Who's your favorite celebrity on this Season and favorite dancer? I'd love to know who's dancing in your dreams at night! ;)  Tweet me at @jillanenberg

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