Friday, April 12, 2013

Don't Rape the Planet!

Kristina Wong is calling us out...Don't rape the planet!  Her hilarious One Woman Show, "Going Green The Wong Way" is about her journey since childhood about preserving Mother Earth.  For 6 years she even drove a  Barbie Pink Mercedes that ran purely on vegetable oil.  Ironically Paula Deen ran on purely butter for longer than that. Well in the end it cost her over $6,000 in repairs and the "Wongsta" died off the "Victory" exit of the 405.  Literally she watched her gas saving efforts go up in flames!  Glad Paula's cut back bc we love her and her food's amazing ya'll!

She's been performing her one woman show across the country spreading her message and ridiculously funny stories.  I had the pleasure of laughing my ass off at a show at UCLA this week. The free ticket made her even cooler.  Then I got called out on driving my SUV to the show, at least my girlfriend Kim and I car pooled.

Kristina rapped lyrics about the environment... all our littering and abuse to the Earth we are raping Mother Nature.  In my effort not to rape my Earth Mother, I turn off the water when I shave my legs. Yup no need to dump gallons of water down the drain while I hack down the trees.  I also bought this really awesome glass water bottle so I'm not wasting a bunch of overpriced plastic ones.

Kristina then morphs into a soul sistah character endorsing recyclable menstrual pads, which by the way she is wearing like a sash.  In her words saving the planet is, "Sexay", go girl! Passing them out to the audience, even to men claiming they can help their game.  Instead of halting a conversation with a lady to do your business, do your thang in your recyclable "diaper", seal the deal with the lil' lady then change it later.  The best part about her show was the ton of information about ways we can cut back, public transportation and the importance of taking care of our one and only Planet.  Check out her website; have a laugh and be inspired to pitch in to the green movement. Drink straight from the bottle tonight instead of wasting all those red party cups ;)

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