Friday, March 29, 2013

Stupid Cupid!

Sure we all want to hook our friends up with the token crazy fun girlfriend or the Magic Mike look a like douche who will help her get over a bad break up.  With best intentions in mind for our buddies, a magical night with a one night stander could turn into a weekly hook up and back fire on you!  Oh stupid cupid, never hook up a pal with punany that drives you crazy.  In an attempt to be that cool wing woman, you introduce your crazy sorority sistah to your favorite buddy.  Next thing you know she's latched onto him and you can't even call him without her skanky voice answering the phone.

Next thing you know that douche is dating your bff and now you're double dating with a guy who takes your appetite away.  If you're not gonna eat your dinner, believe me he will...and your friend for dessert!

There's a fine line when passing along potential prey to friends.  They got to be cool enough that if they stick, you don't mind including them in your circle.  If your friend let's em' in,
                                                         you've  got to also.

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