Thursday, March 14, 2013

Steak n' ... Day!

Ladies grab your aprons & knee pads because March 14th marks Steak & Blow Job Day! This concept is straight forward.  No over priced flowers, sappy cards or chocolates- just the two things men like the most; steak and blow jobs.  I'd imagine in any order is just fine by them! This holiday falls one month after Valentine's Day to celebrate the men who make us women feel special every Feb 14th.

Yep this is a real holiday!  Even though it may not be recognized by the Government, I wouldn't think any man in office would oppose receiving the holiday's benefits.  It does however have 65,753 Likes on Facebook so in today's social media driven world that justifies the holiday as "real."

Legend says the holiday was created by radio disc jockey Tom Birdsey. With his radio show in Rhode Island, the Internet, and lots of word of mouth, the holiday eventually spread nationwide. 

This holiday takes any guesswork out of where to take him & what to give.  Actually you just let him give it to you!  You feed him your steak and he feeds you...ok you get the point...a little extra protein in your diet this holiday season.

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