Friday, March 8, 2013

Less Hump Time

You might have noticed girls rockin' shorter skirts and guys showing off their muscles in tank tops...Spring is in the air.  And with that comes longer days.  Get ready to turn your clock forward tomorrow!! To be exact 2am on Sunday morning.  The old expression goes, "Spring ahead, fall back," so before you turn off the lights with your lover Saturday night and get ready to fall back on him or her, set that clock one hour ahead baby.  Yes you are losing one hour of time, so if a walk of shame is in your future be mindful it will be brighter earlier!

A little fun fact, the two States that stay in standard time all year are Hawaii and Arizona.  If you've vacationed in either place you know how hot & sweaty (oh!) the summers can get so residents don't need another hour of sun.

On the bright side, daylight savings gives you an excuse to be an hour late to everything on Sunday. Oops I didn't know.

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