Friday, March 29, 2013

Stupid Cupid!

Sure we all want to hook our friends up with the token crazy fun girlfriend or the Magic Mike look a like douche who will help her get over a bad break up.  With best intentions in mind for our buddies, a magical night with a one night stander could turn into a weekly hook up and back fire on you!  Oh stupid cupid, never hook up a pal with punany that drives you crazy.  In an attempt to be that cool wing woman, you introduce your crazy sorority sistah to your favorite buddy.  Next thing you know she's latched onto him and you can't even call him without her skanky voice answering the phone.

Next thing you know that douche is dating your bff and now you're double dating with a guy who takes your appetite away.  If you're not gonna eat your dinner, believe me he will...and your friend for dessert!

There's a fine line when passing along potential prey to friends.  They got to be cool enough that if they stick, you don't mind including them in your circle.  If your friend let's em' in,
                                                         you've  got to also.

Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm a Frat Girl!

Booze, babes and a healthy dose of shit talking!  To me those are the three most important components that make up a Fraternity...of course I'm most interested in the latter- the shit talkin' baby!  Every guy's girl like me, dreams of being in a Frat not a Sorority.  Too much estrogen, monthly excuses to act like a bitch and "sister's" talking badly about you behind your back.  I wanna be an asshole for a validated reason and have the balls to tell you to your face how it really is.

My wish came true playing the sassy Series Regular on the comedic Web Series "Fratitude"!
This is the third episode of the Season, enjoy!!

Fratitude's on Facebook!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Steak n' ... Day!

Ladies grab your aprons & knee pads because March 14th marks Steak & Blow Job Day! This concept is straight forward.  No over priced flowers, sappy cards or chocolates- just the two things men like the most; steak and blow jobs.  I'd imagine in any order is just fine by them! This holiday falls one month after Valentine's Day to celebrate the men who make us women feel special every Feb 14th.

Yep this is a real holiday!  Even though it may not be recognized by the Government, I wouldn't think any man in office would oppose receiving the holiday's benefits.  It does however have 65,753 Likes on Facebook so in today's social media driven world that justifies the holiday as "real."

Legend says the holiday was created by radio disc jockey Tom Birdsey. With his radio show in Rhode Island, the Internet, and lots of word of mouth, the holiday eventually spread nationwide. 

This holiday takes any guesswork out of where to take him & what to give.  Actually you just let him give it to you!  You feed him your steak and he feeds you...ok you get the point...a little extra protein in your diet this holiday season.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Less Hump Time

You might have noticed girls rockin' shorter skirts and guys showing off their muscles in tank tops...Spring is in the air.  And with that comes longer days.  Get ready to turn your clock forward tomorrow!! To be exact 2am on Sunday morning.  The old expression goes, "Spring ahead, fall back," so before you turn off the lights with your lover Saturday night and get ready to fall back on him or her, set that clock one hour ahead baby.  Yes you are losing one hour of time, so if a walk of shame is in your future be mindful it will be brighter earlier!

A little fun fact, the two States that stay in standard time all year are Hawaii and Arizona.  If you've vacationed in either place you know how hot & sweaty (oh!) the summers can get so residents don't need another hour of sun.

On the bright side, daylight savings gives you an excuse to be an hour late to everything on Sunday. Oops I didn't know.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Pounce N' Blow Me Baby!

We've all seen it in TV shows and Movies, the pounce n' blow.  Ok get your mind out of my gutter, I'm talking about CPR.  It's a relatively easy method to learn that is literally life saving.  This technique is imperative for everyone to know so in the event of an accident where minutes are life threatening you can hop on a stranger, pump and blow life back into them and hopefully save their life.

I recently got CPR/AED & First Aid Certified at The Beverly Hills CPR Center.  Even though what we were learning was very serious the instructors, Steve and Les made it so much fun.  There was a ton of laughing going on with dozens of dummies on the floor that we were man handling. 

They are the official training center for the BH Police Dept, BH Fire Dept and the schools of the BH Unified School District.  I find it extremely hot knowing all those men in Uniform were in there too!  The basic CPR rule of thumb is 30 compressions to 2 breaths, we even kept the beat to the song "Stayin' Alive!"

The FIrst Aid training was very interesting too! Do you know what to do if someone has an allergic reaction? Poke em' baby...well with an EpiPen in the thigh.  Epinephrine will treat most life threatening allergic reactions.  As much as we love our Grandma's, their advice for how to treat a burn is antiquated and just not right.  No we aren't slathering ourselves in butter, unless you're burning it up in the bedroom, just run that baby under cold water and let it cool down.  What if someone might have broken an arm? Tie them up.  Oh you know what I mean, their arm in a sling to prevent it from moving & becoming even more injured.

If you're interested in getting certified here's the info:
Training Center & ID Number: Beverly Hills CPR- #CAo13364
Instructor: Steve Moniz (He's awesome!!)
Address: 455 N. Rexford Dr. Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Phone Number: 310-281-2753