Friday, February 22, 2013

Lovin' Animal Style!

Of all the ridiculous Hallmark holidays, this one has to be my favorite! The actual date was on Wed, Feb. 20th...but Happy National Pet Day! We can celebrate the happiness these fur balls bring us everyday of the year.  Love Your Pet Day gives you the chance to give your dog that walk you promised- hey let him pee on every tree, give your turtle some extra vegi's, or if you've got a rat bc they're awesome hook him up with some cheese!

The reason behind this holiday is actually pretty sad, 16000 pets die in US Shelters every day. Think of the money you can donate to help out these orphaned pets.  Instead of buying a $5 latte, it's f@cking espresso and steamed milk c'mon! Or a round of drinks trying to be cool for everyone at the bar, toss some money to the pussycats at the Shelters.  It's not their fault they had a slutty cat Mom or their Dad was a horny dog.  I don't think we're at the point and I never want to be there, doggy condoms and birth control.  We just gotta clip their balls and tie some tubes to prevent the over population of furry babies. Believe me, if I could adopt them all I would.

Most households in the US have at least one pet.  33% own a cat and 39% own one dog.  Yours truly has 2 dogs and a cat!  The dream... a farm and lots of rescue dogs and a cat that has kittens, oh and a bird that I teach dirty words and a rat. Sorry hun!  Let's be honest, at some point we all get sick of our friends, animals provide the best companionship, don't talk shit behind your back and are known to decrease stress. Save a rescue pet, or as they say, "Let a rescue pet save you."

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