Friday, January 18, 2013

Bachelor Bullshit!

We all have guilty pleasure TV shows and one of my favorites is the hussy filled, jacuzzi grinding Bachelor!  It's always fun to watch girls fall in love on the first date bc they bungee jumped and now think they can survive anything together...bullshit!  By the end of the next episode after Model #1 has her first kiss, Psycho #2 is so jealous she might do that bungee jump without the cord...and I'd still watch.  This season is filled with such pretty girls I wouldn't be surprised if there was a first lesbian hook up this season to get Sean's attention.  Again, I'd still watch.

The confessionals are pure gold. The girls are so excited to have all the attention on them they forget what idiots they sound like. Look at Sierra that's the face of a crazy woman. And she's wearing her push-up bra to distract you.  Tierra's made it clear she's not here for friend's and will cut a bitch, just what every man is looking for, a girlfriend that's a total dick!
My friend Stuart and I break down the 2nd episode on Spreecast below. Just click on the link and have a laugh!

 Click here!

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