Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving...Get Stuffed!

The best way I know to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving is to share some laughter with you.  Laughter of course from perverted yet humorous Thanksgiving pick-up lines.  Enjoy your dinner and hopefully a lil' something sweet for dessert :)

"Can't wait for dinner? I'll give you something to gobble on!"

"Your spread looks amazing. I can't wait to dive in!"
The Hostess will definitely appreciate that you appreciate all her hard work!

"We're not related right, because those juicy breasts are making me hungry."  Make sure she's not a distant cousin before going any further.

"Wanna pull my wishbone? Go on, make a wish and give that sucker a tug."

"There's only one cavity I wanna stuff if you know what I'm saying." (However, a raw carcass is pretty nasty considering salmonella can be a deal breaker!)

                   HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! XO JiLL





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