Friday, November 9, 2012

Sexy to Sicko!

As a woman, not always a lady ;) I make attempts to dress stylish & look good. But there are things we do that so easily turn our efforts into a turn off. I agree high heels are super sexy & can dress up any outfit or even lack there of. Who doesn't love a birthday suit in stilettos!? 

The problem occurs when your feet literally tell you to f@ck off & endure the rocky sidewalk instead. Girls wearing heels to the club is hot but walking down the filthy street barefoot holding heels after, not so much.  Was it worth it? What guy is gonna allow those dirty feet in his bed after strutting down the disease filled streets.

Yes we all look better tan! I could use one now on my white ass. The options present either skin cancer or the risk of looking like Snooki. Yikes! A spray tan will turn you into gizmo. Can't sweat, get wet, see the sun...or your adorable exterior is ruined.  Your hands look like you lost a fight with an orange pen!

So what's a girl to do? I say do what makes you feel sexy, paint your tan on if you want to- just don't paint on a fake smile. Because even though we're ladies, we don't gotta take shit from no one. Not even our heels :)

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