Friday, November 2, 2012

Sandy's a bitch!

The tone of this blog is a little different today.  I'm putting away the sexual innuendo's and sending lots of love and prayers to all of our friends and family on the East Coast that are getting railed by that bitch Sandy! (ok you got me, can't escape the innuendo's) 

In life, there are so many tangible items that can be given to us and taken away so quickly.  However, solid relationships and true friendships, selfless acts of kindness and love are what make these tough times tolerable.  The things that money can't buy hold the most value in the world.  

Donate here:

Instead of having that 5th red bull/ vodka tonight, donate that drink money to Red Cross instead.  We both know the girl at the bar isn't gonna go home with you anyways, so tell her, "I'd love to buy you a cocktail but I'm donating those funds to Red Cross tomorrow." Now that might get you laid as well as help out a lot of friends on the East Coast.

In all seriousness, I feel awful for the tragedy that's occurred. I have a lot of best friends that have been affected as well as family that have had their homes flooded and belongings washed away.  Let's all come together and make it rain on them! In the good way with money!! 

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