Friday, October 12, 2012

Drive Motherf#cker!!

As a person who lives in LA I get plenty of opportunities to practice my
cursing. Sure people drive bad all over the world, but it's heightened
in Los Angeles! No offense to the ladies- but you're not helpin' our case here either putting on make-up, talking to kids and yapping on the phone. Hey I do it all too...but drive aggressively at the same time ;)

Everyone's gotta just pick up your balls, step on the peddle & have some faith in lane changing. A lot of various people have moved and crowded the streets w/ shitty driving skills n habits. Here's a few basic tips for driving.

Just the Tip:
- If I'm graciously letting you cut into my lane, don't take 3 minutes to do it that once you're in front of me I wanna rear end you.
- Turn off your damn blinker!
-Step on the gas, it's a green light Grandpa!
-Don't turn so slow that now I miss the light bc of your crappy reflexes! 
- No stickers! We don't give a f#ck your kids on honor roll. They definitely shouldn't take driving lessons from you.

Drive safe, but don't drive like an asshole.

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