Friday, September 28, 2012

One Brow...No Plow!

We all have had the displeasure of seeing a handsome face only to be masked with a catepillar for eyebrows crawling from the top of one eye to the other.  The word eyebrows are plural for a reason, there should be two.  A unibrow is not an attractive feature...just as a woman shouldn't be sporting a moustache.

Girls- we all own a set of tweezers and are good enough friends with some dude that could use our assistance.  Because let's face it, that's a deal breaker.  One brow...means no plow.  I don't care how you get rid of it; pluck, shave, wax, let a little rat nibble it off your face- just get rid of it!   

If you're not taking care of the hair on your face...I don't even want to imagine what your junk looks like!  Don't let unwanted facial hair get in the way of your dating life, start by removing the hair across your nose and you might be removing something sexier than that later!

Not really bro, I think your yard's empty!

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